What documents are required in the car: what the driver should know
What documents are required in the car: what the driver should know

Every responsible driver knows that when going somewhere in your car, you need to take a certain set of documents with you. These must be valid official documents proving that you have the right to drive this particular vehicle. Driving a car – This is a serious matter, so it is better to be prepared and know what documents are needed in the car. If some unpredictable situation occurs along the way (a traffic accident or contact with the patrol service), you will definitely need documents.

What documents do you need to carry with you in the car

When you get behind the wheel, be sure to check that you have taken all the necessary types with you. These can be documents in paper or electronic form (for example, in the Action application). What exactly should a driver always carry in a car? This is:

  1. Driver's license. This is a fundamental document confirming a citizen’s right to drive a vehicle of a certain category. You should always have it with you when driving.
  2. Automobile citizen. According to Ukrainian legislation, every driver must take out OSAGO (compulsory liability insurance for vehicle owners). This is a very important document that will come in handy in the event of an accident. Insurance will help cover the cost of car repairs.
  3. Car registration certificate. A certificate confirming the registration of the vehicle in accordance with current legislation, as well as ownership of it.

In addition to the basic ones listed above, what additional documents should be required for a car? If we are talking about passenger or cargo transportation, you must have a vehicle inspection certificate. If the car is equipped with beacons or sirens, permission to use special signals will be required. For vehicles moving along a specific route, a route letter and a schedule are required.

What documents do you need to have to rent a car

If you decide not to use your own car, but to rent a vehicle, you also need to present certain certificates. Let's find out what documents are needed to register a car rental. 

First of all, you need to have a passport proving your identity. You will also need a driver's license to drive the vehicle you are renting. In addition, when you want to rent a car in Kyiv in Payless, you need to have a personal credit card with enough money for rental payment and deposit. Availability of a credit card – This is a necessity, since payments are made only by bank transfer. The deposit is frozen in the account until the car is returned. After this, the money will again be available for use (“unfreezing” is carried out within a period of 3 to 30 days, depending on the bank’s conditions).

It is worth noting that car rental is available to citizens who are 21 years old at the time of the transaction. You must also have at least 2 years of driving experience. But if the client is a little short of experience or age, Payless provides a “young driver” service. For an additional fee, you can rent a car.