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How could I reserve a car?

Where can I pick up and return the car?

We are glad that you will get a clean car with a full tank of fuel. We would kindly ask you to return the car to our offices at working hours and with a full refueling. You can return the car at the same office when you picked it up or at the other locations. If you want to return the car in another place, we will calculate the mileage of back way. 

How old I should be and how many years of driving experience I need to have for getting a car?

If you are 21 years old and your driving experience is at least 2 years, just feel free to rent a car. If you have less, we will give you a car with an additional fee of the equivalent of $40 per rental period, which is covered our risks. This option is called "young driver".

Which documents should I have to rent a car?

To report and pay taxes intime and conscientiously is very important for us and we would appreciate you to pay by car cashless, only by card. Your card must be personalized, with sufficient rental fee and car deposit on it.

What is it car deposit?

This is the amount which will be frozen on your card until the car is returned to the base, and then this amount will be pay back within 3 days or a month, depending on the conditions of your bank. It is not up to the car rental company to refund the deposit - we will unblock the amount as soon as you return the car. Usually the deposit amount is in Hryvnias from $300 to $1000, depending on the car group you choose.

How to reduce deposit?

To reduce your deposit, you can purchase additional insurance coverage. Package of coverage "Medium" reduces the liability in half in case of damage or theft of the car. Accordingly, the amount of the deposit is halved. The "Super" package provides zero liability for damage or theft of the car, and also covers damage to the glass. At the same time the amount of deposit will be minimum - from $150 in UAH equivalent.

How does the cost of rent calculate?

As longer rental period as cheaper the price per each day. The cost of the rent itself includes:

What is the mileage allowed?

You can drive up to 150 km per day without any additional charge. If you exceed that distance, each additional kilometer costs $0.18/km in hryvnia equivalent. If you plan to drive a lot, you can get unlimited mileage for an additional $6/day in hryvnia equivalent.

Where can I get a child car seat and other options?

We can offer your car seats for children of different ages, and we will thank you for reserving them in advance. We can also have extra options available:

Is it possible to go abroad by car?

You can travel abroad by our cars outside Ukraine, except Belarus and Russia. For this purpose we prepare all documents, which is cost $95

Does it allowed to smoke inside car?

We are sorry, but we would not allow smoking in the car. Because each of us likes to get into a fresh car, so we would kindly ask you not to smoke in the cabin. We will charge you an additional hryvnia equivalent of $50, for which we will clean the interior in case you smoked inside car