We are opening the sights of Kyiv: the best locations and historical monuments that create the face of the city
We are opening the sights of Kyiv: the best locations and historical monuments that create the face of the city

There is no better time than now to plan a trip to Kyiv. He did not lose his energy with the war. On the contrary, it opened from the other side. Showed his strength and character. The historical places of Kyiv are scattered on the hills of Andriiivskyi Uzvoz, in the complex frescoes of St. Sophia Cathedral, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kyiv is an ancient city, the "Northern Rome" of Europe. To see it requires mobility and movement. Renting a car will give you the freedom to explore the sights of the city on your own schedule, without depending on public transport. By car, it is easy to get to remote places and create your own routes, which makes the trip more flexible and efficient.

Let's go around the capital: discover interesting places of Kyiv

Anyone who has never been to the capital of Ukraine may wonder: what is so special about it? All! Delicious, colorful food, iconic sights in different areas of the city, a modern metropolis and ancient buildings. There's no better adventure than visiting all 10 boroughs in a car with a full tank from Payless. Choose a pickup truck, van or regular sedan from the catalog and go. Next, we will talk about the top places in Kyiv.

Andriiivsky Uzviz: prominent places of Kyiv

There is a legend that a cross was placed on this hill and a prophecy was made: a great city will be built here. It was Apostle Andrew the First-Called. The most interesting street in Kyiv is named after him. A street with steep climbs, paved with cobblestones, winds upwards from Kontraktova Square. Along the street you will find:

  • cafes and restaurants;
  • art galleries;
  • street musicians;
  • souvenir shops.

The pearl of the street, near the top of the hill, is the golden-blue St. Andrew's Church. A baroque masterpiece that celebrates the apostolic legend.

Tourist places of Kyiv: Sophia Cathedral

The Shevchenkiv district of the capital will show the oldest building in the city. The heritage of the Middle Ages and early modern times (Kyiv Rus', the period of the Hetmanship) is St. Sophia's Cathedral, built in the Byzantine style. The decoration of the original walls consists of decorative brickwork, monochrome painting and a number of frescoes.

Other famous places of Kyiv are connected with this museum center of Ukraine: Golden Gate, St. Andrew's Church. If your method of travel is by car, it will not be a problem to see all the tourist attractions of Kyiv that are nearby in one day:

  1. St. Michael's Golden Domed Cathedral.
  2. Funicular.
  3. Landscape avenue.
  4. National Museum of the History of Ukraine.

Kyiv is a big city with lots of transport and populated areas. Car rental (Kyiv) offers the opportunity to rent a GPS navigator. It is no longer necessary to search for the best places in Kyiv by trial and error.

Open-air museum: the most beautiful places in Kyiv

It is difficult to fully explore Kyiv without a car. Beautiful places in Kyiv are not only city streets. You have to go to Pyrogovo - the national museum of folk architecture and life of Ukraine. This is an open-air location. The entire ethnographic collection of our country is collected here. The total area is more than 131.5 hectares. You will see more than 300 monuments of folk architecture dating from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

The architecture of the museum covers all ethnographic regions of Ukraine: Central Dnipro region, Southern Ukraine, Slobozhan region, Poltava region, Polissia, Carpathians, a Ukrainian village of the 60s and 70s of the 20th century. If you are ready to see more, take a map. Because Pirogovo is a huge area where you can go to the Perun Oak and rest in a real Shink near the Forge.

Choose the route you will take: historical sights or open-air museums. All locations are a journey that immerses you in the magic of our shared historical heritage.