Top reliable cars for safe travels
Top reliable cars for safe travels

Top reliable cars are of interest to many potential vehicle owners. When choosing a car, buyers first of all pay attention to its safety and excellent performance characteristics. Over its long history, the automotive industry has changed significantly. Therefore, the requirements for automotive standards have become more stringent over the years. Today, experts highlight some manufacturers whose products meet high quality standards. They strictly monitor all processes of development and assembly of vehicles, which earns the respect of customers.

The most reliable car: as evidenced by the ratings

The most well-known suppliers of quality cars include those who took part in a particular study. Among 300 thousand vehicles, the 10 most reliable car brands should be highlighted:

  1. Toyota — one of the best manufacturers of cars that for many years do not lose their performance characteristics and have low fuel consumption.
  2. Lexus — This is a premium brand of the Toyota manufacturer. It combines luxury, high technology and maximum safety.
  3. Mini — a brand owned by BMW. It unexpectedly entered the top three thanks to its reliability and original design.
  4. Honda — a company that has long received the title of manufacturer of quality vehicles.
  5. Acura — premium brand Honda. Combines luxury and safety.
  6. Subaru — is famous for its all-wheel drive vehicles, which can easily withstand many years of use under different conditions.
  7. Mazda — its models are well known for their stable performance and minimal maintenance required.
  8. Hyundai — a brand that is constantly working to improve quality and technology, so its cars have become some of the most reliable on the market.
  9. Kia — sister brand Hyundai. Its cars receive positive reviews for their thoughtful design and durability.
  10. Nissan — a manufacturer who knows how to combine durability and stability.

Car rental of different brands — This is a quite popular service. It allows you to move freely to any distance, as well as test a vehicle from a well-known manufacturer. Clients can rent reliable cars that are in good technical condition. They all look stylish and attractive, so they are suitable for different situations.

Where to rent a reliable car

If you need the most reliable brand of car, contact Payless. Our fleet includes vehicles of different brands. All of them meet high quality and safety standards. In order to profitably and affordably rent a car in Kyiv, you need to have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, a driver’s license and money in a bank account to pay for the service. It is available to persons who have reached the age of 21 and have a driving experience of more than 2 years. You can choose the rental period, as well as the car brand, yourself. It should be noted that the longer the rental period, the cheaper the cost per day will be.