What to do in case of an accident: tips for rental car users
What to do in case of an accident: tips for rental car users

In most cases, driving a rental car is a convenient and safe means of transportation. However, situations are not excluded that may require you to take special actions, for example, what to do in the event of an accident. Remember, Payless will always help you in difficult situations, regardless of your location, be it Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, Uzhhorod, Odesa.

If an unpleasant incident happened, try to calm down - the main trouble is behind you, and you need to perform a number of mandatory actions. A favorable result for you largely depends on their correctness.

The first car accident: what to do in case of an accident

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In the event of an accident while using a rental car, it is important to remain at the scene until the police arrive. Leaving the scene of an accident before the arrival of law enforcement agencies can be interpreted as a violation of the law. Act carefully, step by step. So:

  1. Stop the car and turn on the "emergency" system.
  2. Examine the passengers, determine whether there are any casualties. If there are any, you should immediately call an ambulance (tel. 103).
  3. Everything went well and no one was hurt? Ask the passengers to leave the cabin.
  4. Call the police (tel. 102) and report the incident to the rental service.
  5. Exchange data with the driver of another car, including driver's license numbers, contact numbers and license plates.
  6. Wait for the police to arrive and report that the car was rented.
  7. Take photos of the scene, the damage, fill out the accident form and get a copy of the police report.Write down contact details of witnesses, if any.

What's next?

Employees of the patrol police record the damage and register the traffic accident. Next, the car rental service will apply to the insurance company for damages under one of the insurance programs. If a car accident occurred, the insurance amount may not be paid out only in the following situations:

  • if it was not possible to establish the culprit of the road accident;
  • no evidence of your innocence was provided during the trial;
  • you were intoxicated;
  • grossly violated traffic rules.

In the event of an accident with an insured rental car, you will have to part with a fixed amount that is reserved in advance on your account, unless you have purchased additional comprehensive rental car insurance coverage. The amount of this deposit depends on the cost of the rented vehicle.

Conditions that contribute to the occurrence of road accidents: how to act in a car accident for maximum safety

Traffic accidents are caused by various factors that significantly increase the risk of accidents. Here are a few of them:

  1. Driving fast reduces the driver's reaction time and increases the consequences of an accident.
  2. Improper rearranging, driving through red lights, ignoring signs and signals.
  3. Mobile phone use, fatigue affect driver reactions and decisions.
  4. Rain, snow, ice, fog impair visibility and traction.
  5. Unsatisfactory technical condition of the vehicle - malfunctions of brakes, tires or steering.
  6. Unsatisfactory condition of the road, surface defects, lack of markings, potholes and unevenness.
  7. The use of alcohol or drugs affects the driver's coordination and ability to adequately assess the situation.

These factors interact with each other, creating complex situations that increase the likelihood of road accidents. Payless service, whose main activity is car rental, wishes you an easy road, enjoy the trip! Remember to pay special attention to safety and confidence on the road to avoid unpleasant situations such as traffic accidents. Have a pleasant experience and enjoy every kilometer.