The best beaches of Ukraine for car travelers: how to rent a car for a trip
The best beaches of Ukraine for car travelers: how to rent a car for a trip

The natural diversity of our country attracts tourists with opportunities for recreation. Sea coasts, mountain trails, forests, lakes and rivers – everywhere you can have a good and useful time. I want the place to rest to be clean and have a convenient location. Some beaches of Ukraine on sea coasts, rivers and lakes have a developed infrastructure. Others are wild, with pristine nature and a lack of civilization. Before going on vacation, you should decide on a beach – populated or deserted. However, regardless of the choice, the Payless company provides rental cars of several types: budget, family, economy. The user chooses a car that is suitable for a trip to the sea coast of Odessa or for a trip to a lake in a nearby village.

The cleanest beaches of Ukraine: where are they located and how to get there

Odesa – a popular resort town where a large number of vacationers go. There are wide sandy beaches that stretch along the entire coast. You can rent a hotel room a few meters from the sea. Odesa has a well-developed resort infrastructure. A health track is successfully operating here, where you can do athletics and just have a nice walk. 

Well-known resorts where a traveler can get to in 2024 are Chornomorsk, Sanzhiyka, Hrybivka, Karolino-Bugaz, Sergiyivka, Kurortne and other settlements. It is enough to rent a car (Kyiv) from Payless and go to any of these places. The cleanest beaches in Ukraine have a gentle entrance, and their bottom is covered with sand, not stones. These are comfortable places for rest in any format: with a friendly company, with children, a couple, etc. 

Where are the wild beaches of Ukraine: how to get there

Odesa region – record holder for the number of places where vacationers can enjoy nature to the maximum. These are Karolino-Bugaz and Pivdenny, other places where civilization leaves almost no traces. The company Payless has rent a car (Odesa) of various brands. For trips to wild beaches, an SUV is best suited. This is a car with high ground clearance and sufficient cross-country ability. It accommodates many people, so the car is suitable for friendly and family trips. 

Payless advantages in organizing trips to Ukrainian beaches

Our company offers cars for rent. To rent a car, two simple steps are enough: go to the site and fill out an electronic application. The following information should be specified:

  • town where it is desirable to get a car;
  • date and time when the car must be at the customer's place;
  • the date and time at which the user undertakes to return the car.

You should familiarize yourself with the important information about the rental conditions on our website. There is also a fleet of cars from which you can choose the right vehicle that will satisfy you not only with its technical characteristics, but also with its comfort. It is enough to call or contact our managers to get detailed and useful information about renting a car.