Effective ways to reduce fuel costs when renting a car
Effective ways to reduce fuel costs when renting a car

Car rental is a profitable, but at the same time responsible business. The lessee needs not only to return the car intact, but also, preferably, to minimize operating costs.

How to optimize fuel costs when renting a car

If you are interested in how to reduce fuel consumption in a rental car, first pay attention to your driving style. If you have rented a car for use in populated areas, it is recommended not to pretend to be Schumacher. A calm driving style in urban conditions with constant acceleration and smooth braking at intersections and pedestrian crossings will save up to 15-20 percent of fuel, and the result will be almost the same.

Back in the eighties of the last century, the magazine "Behind the Wheel" had an article comparing the speed of movement across the city of an "aggressive" driver (a professional race car driver) and a "calm" one (also a professional). On the twenty-kilometer route, the first won only one minute. Is such a result worth increased fuel consumption, wear and tear of the engine, transmission, tires and other structural elements of the car? And it's not even a question of how to reduce fuel consumption, preserve the car, but, first of all, the safety of the driver and other road users, pedestrians.

Secrets of rational fuel consumption when renting a vehicle

You can minimize overhead costs if you use the following tips:

  1. Use high-quality fuel. Some drivers who have rented a car sometimes want to fill the tank with the cheapest gasoline with a reduced octane number. Such a decision can result not only in damage to the car in the near future, but also in a premature stop while driving, the impossibility of further movement. In addition, when using gasoline with a low octane number, modern electronic control systems automatically increase the amount of fuel supplied to the engine by the same 15-20 percent.
  2. Monitor the charge of the battery, the performance of all electronic systems, and the condition of the detectors. If an alarm signal is detected, it is recommended to immediately contact the nearest service station. Because in the event of a low battery charge, the inability of the generator to produce an electric current of the appropriate magnitude, the electronics gives the command to supply more fuel to the engine system.
  3. Monitor tire pressure. When it is reduced below the minimum level, not only the wear of the protectors increases significantly, but also the fuel consumption increases significantly. Many drivers who neglect such diagnostics before each trip do not understand how to reduce gasoline consumption, because they seem to drive carefully, but the consumption will still be increased.
  4. Adhere to the optimal speed regime. Aerodynamic resistance of the body, as practice shows, has little effect on the level of fuel consumption. For cars of any configuration, the speed of movement on the track is optimal in the range of 70–80 km/h.

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