Why is car rental driving now more than ever?
Why is car rental driving now more than ever?

It is not the right time to think about buying a car: its registration, insurance, tire storage, maintenance, and then selling it. Each of us has too many more important things to do. Everyone can be more effective in what they have super strength, and mobility can be provided by those who are professionals in this.

Car rental is a ready-made solution for how to be mobile, without falling out of your business activity. This is when the car rental company itself bears all the risks associated with car ownership, and you only ride.

If you liked the rental car, you can extend the rental period, you can lease it for a long time, or you can return the car after the end of the leasing or rental period. Or you can take a new car later.

For people who value their time, do not want to save up and spend a lot of money for a long time to buy a car and bear the risks of losing its market value, as well as deal with sales, insurance, tires, etc., car rental or leasing is a good option. A car is a liability, not an asset, so owning it can be expensive and inefficient compared to using it as a service.

In the future, the mobility market will develop in such a way that we will buy cars less and less. This trend is already visible. Mobility is becoming a popular service like any other. You don't need to raise a lot of money to buy a car: you can use it exactly as much as you need, and exactly what you want at the moment.

Payless Ukraine monitors several global processes that affect the car rental and leasing service: urbanization and integration of new technologies. More than half of humanity lives in big cities, and owning a car in a big city becomes expensive. People are looking for more efficient mobile solutions, avoiding the model of buying transport, increasingly moving to the model of owning it without buying it. The tradition of collecting money for a long time to buy a car or get loans for it is a thing of the past. If there is a mobility service that can be bought with current income, it is much easier and faster. Today, you can purchase a car rental service starting from one hour, or leasing for a year and a half or more.

Life situations can change so rapidly that what was needed yesterday is already today. For example, a young girl needs a small city car, but she does not want to keep it all the time, because there is a subway nearby, and in the summer you can also get to work by scooter. But for shopping or a short trip, you need a car with a roomy trunk. And it can be rented! And one day this girl may get married and have children, and they will need a spacious car. In this case, she can rent a suitable car, and if she likes, she can also lease it for a long time. Or, for example, a young man first wants to drive a sports car, and tomorrow he wants an electric car.

Even if you can afford to buy a car, the funds saved for it can be invested in yourself and multiplied.

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