European Lviv: discover interesting places with car rental
European Lviv: discover interesting places with car rental

Many consider Lviv to be the most atmospheric and unique city in Ukraine. Every street, every house, every building is an exquisite combination of history and romance, ancient spirit and modernity, mystery and mystery, memories of years and unique charm of time. And the general atmosphere fascinates with its grandeur, versatility and unique value. If you plan to visit Lviv, renting a car will help you see interesting places.

Lviv: interesting places for young people

Lviv is often compared to Paris. And for good reason! Beautiful streets, old buildings in the center of the city, among which the Lviv "Eiffel Tower" can be seen - all this attracts couples at any time of the year. Blooming spring, rainy autumn, snowy winter, mild summer make the city special and interesting. And you can see it by renting a car to get an incredible travel experience.

Lviv is also compared to a modern European city, because Eastern and Western cultures are interwoven in it. This is reflected in numerous architectural landmarks and museums. Lviv has interesting places for young people and lovers, there are many unusual places that can be seen while traveling by car.

An unusual fountain in the form of lovers Pelagia and Romuald was installed on Chornovola Avenue, near the Lviv Hotel. Tourists successfully compare them with Shakespeare's heroes and call them Lviv's Romeo and Juliet. In addition, Lviv will reveal romantic places: among them is the Italian courtyard of the Korniakta Palace. This Renaissance landmark has a museum and restaurant that give visitors the feeling of visiting Venice or Rome. Pleasant music, the aroma of coffee improve the mood and bring lovers closer together.

Young couples have the opportunity to travel in a rented car to romantic places in Lviv, visiting:

  • Ivan Franko Park;
  • the tower of the church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth;
  • High Castle;
  • Diana's Fountain on Rynok Square;
  • Stryi Park;
  • bench for lovers;
  • square of the Opera House.

Each place is special, has its own historical significance.

Landmarks of Lviv: see history at every step

If you come to Lviv, interesting places will surround you everywhere. The trip by rental car should start from the Market Square - it is a mysterious open-air museum and the center of the old town, where a complex of medieval buildings is located. It is from here that the interesting history of the city opens. The most famous part of Lviv is located in its center. From different sides of the square, small streets with thematic cafes and restaurants diverge in a network. Lviv will show its guests the best places that deserve attention:

the church of Peter and Paul and the dungeon of the Jesuits;

  • Town Hall;
  • Dominican Church;
  • Potocki Palace;
  • Lychakivska Street;
  • chocolate workshop;
  • Fedorov's House of Books;
  • Museum of Lost Toys.

Renting a car in Lviv allows you to fully explore the city. And Lviv will reveal the most interesting places not only in the center, but also on the outskirts, where there are many beautiful castles and parks.