The best cultural sights of Uzhgorod: what must be seen?
The best cultural sights of Uzhgorod: what must be seen?

Let's consider the most outstanding sights of Uzhgorod, which are worth visiting during a trip to this magical corner of Transcarpathia. Uzhgorod – a city rich in cultural treasures and historical monuments. Located in the west of Ukraine, this settlement is of great importance as a meeting place of cultural influences from Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Get ready for a cultural and historical tour that will win your hearts with its uniqueness and beauty!

Pearl of Transcarpathia: unsurpassed sights of Uzhgorod that are worth visiting

Traveling through time, you can grasp the grandeur of the remains of past eras and discover interesting places to visit in Uzhhorod. From the ancient castle to the stylistic architecture – we invite you on a trip through Uzhgorod, which will impress everyone. Here, any place has its own story and a unique magical mood. Therefore, we offer a list of cultural attractions worth visiting:

  1. UzhNU Botanical Garden – monument of garden art, which includes more than 5 thousand species and varieties of plant origin.
  2. Uzhhorod castle – the architectural pearl of Transcarpathia, located in the very center of the city. Visitors will be surprised by the variety of expositions and art collections: picturesque masterpieces, sculptures and examples of decorative works.
  3. Uzhhorod Greek Catholic Cathedral – a majestic monument of the clergy. Its baroque style iconostasis is complemented by marble arabesques on the walls and creates an illumination of peace in the heart of every visitor.
  4. Uzhhorod Synagogue or Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic – a center of musical art, where concerts are held in various genres.
  5. Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum – a monument of art history, which preserves works of painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative and applied art.

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Discover the hidden corners and interesting places of Uzhhorod

What is there to see in Uzhgorod, apart from ancient sights? An interesting feature of the city is the collection of mini-sculptures, which are located on the embankments and in several dozen different places. Each of them – it is a unique monument to outstanding personalities associated with Transcarpathia, or a monument to the embodiment of holistic ideas that impresses at first sight.

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