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Rent a car in Uzhgorod at affordable prices

Uzhgorod is a Ukrainian regional center in the very west of the country. The city attracts tourists with its castles, cathedrals, natural landscapes and cultural attractions. However, it will be difficult to see all the beauties on your own two feet, especially if you visited the city on the Uzh River for just a few days. Therefore, we recommend the Payless car rental service in Uzhhorod , which will make your life much easier.

Convenient car rental in Uzhhorod - fast, easy and affordable

The Payless company offers flexible and transparent car rental conditions in Uzhhorod. You can reserve one of the cars even before arriving in the city - the transport will be delivered to the point you need. Therefore, after arriving at the bus station or railway station of Uzhgorod, you do not need to get to the hotel or other place of residence by public transport.

The conditions for obtaining a car are as simple as possible:

  1. reserve one of the options in the catalog, specifying the location and rental period (this can be done through the website, by phone or e-mail);
  2. present the required list of documents: driver's license, passport, name bank card;
  3. pay the cost of renting a car in Uzhgorod, the amount of the deposit is also "frozen" on the card, which will be available again after the car is returned to the base.

It should be noted that car rental in Ukraine is available to citizens over the age of 21 and with two years of driving experience. Although even younger people who have not yet had enough experience can rent a car from Payless. But for this they will have to make an additional payment, taking into account the increased risks (inexperience of the driver, which increases the probability of accidents).

Car rental in Uzhhorod from Payless : choose your ideal car

The Payless service has a large car fleet, which allows you to provide car rental in Uzhhorod in six categories. Pickups, vans, sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and station wagons are available. You can choose the desired option depending on the following parameters:

Taking this into account, you will be able to find a vehicle both for a single business trip and for a family vacation in Uzhhorod. If there are any doubts, a Payless consultant will help you choose the best option.

Car rental in Uzhgorod - convenience and freedom of movement in one package

To rent a car in Uzhgorod, you don't need to bother with paperwork. The rental service package already includes standard car insurance and a free replacement vehicle. You can choose different packages with a certain level of payments in case of damage or theft of the car.

After signing the lease, you are not limited in movement, because the standard package includes 150 kilometers of daily mileage (overtime is paid extra). You can also order an unlimited mileage service and use the car as much as you need. You can return the car in any city where a Payless rental office operates . Currently, they cover the following cities in Ukraine: Kyiv , Dnipro , Uzhhorod, Odesa , Lviv and Kharkiv